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For more information on voting or elections please contact the Hamilton County Board of Elections at 513-632-7000 or visit

Register to vote/Check your registration
In Ohio you are eligible to vote if you are:

  1. A U.S. Citizen

  2. 18 years or older by Election Day

  3. A resident of the State of Ohio for at least 30 days before the election

  4. A resident of Hamilton County and the precinct where you vote

You may register to vote at the following locations:

  • Board of Elections 824 Broadway, Cincinnati Ohio (in person)

  • Request a form from the Board of Elections by telephone, mail, or email

  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles licensing locations

  • Public Libraries

  • Agencies providing public assistance

  • Agencies providing services to people with disabilities

  • Public High Schools and Vocational Schools

  • Office of The County Treasurer

  • City halls

  • Secretary of State

Ohio law does not permit you to register on the Internet

*After you register, you will receive a registration card from the Board of Elections. The card will give the name of your precinct and the address of your polling place. It will also list your Congressional, State House, and State Senate districts. Keep this card in a safe place for future reference. Remember to update your address with the Board of Elections if you move. Whenever you update your voter registration information you will receive a new card.

Click here to check the status of your new or existing registration

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Absentee Voting/Vote by Mail

 All registered voters are eligible to vote absentee, Voters are no longer required to provide a reason for voting absentee. Please request your vote by mail ballot with enough time to return it to the BOE by 7:30pm on Election Day.

How does it Work?

  1. Request Absentee Ballot- Ballots may be requested by writing a letter or submitting an Absentee Ballot application.
    A letter must include: voter name, residential address, telephone number, address where ballot should be sent (if different than residential address), date of birth and one of the following: a) driver's license number; or b) last four digits of your social security number; or c) a copy of your current valid photo id or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other governement document that shows your name and address. The letter must be signed. Absentee application forms are also available from the Board or you can download the form from this site.

    Letters and applications can be mailed to the Hamilton County Board of Elections, 824 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202; faxed to: 513/744-9038.
  2. Ballots are mailed to the Voter
  3. Voter returns completed ballot to the Board of Elections by the close of the polls on Election Day (7:30pm)

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Find your Polling Location

call the Board of Elections at 513-632-7000 or click here

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Voter ID Requirements

When you vote you'll be asked to show identification.

Ohio law protects your right to vote. State law changed recently to require all voters to show identification at the polling place. At the polls, when you verify your address, pollworkers are trained to accept several different types of identification.

Acceptable forms of I.D. are:

  • Bank statements,

  • Utility bills,

  • Paychecks and

  • Any government-issued document showing your current address.

  • You may also use your Ohio driver's license or Ohio photo I.D. -- even if it shows a previous address.

(Note: You cannot use as proof of identification a notice that the board of elections mailed to you.) If you do not have, or fail or refuse to provide, the required proof of identity, you may cast a provisional ballot.

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2012 Election Dates to Remember


  • October 9: Voter Registration ends for General Election

  •     November 3 - applications for absentee ballots must be recieved by Board of Elections
  • November 6: General Election Day (Polls are open 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
    Absentee Ballots due by 7:30 p.m. at Board of Elections


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What is Provisional Voting

Please visit the Ohio Secretary of State's website for a full description of Provisional voting and which voters are required to cast a provisional ballot.

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How to become a Democratic Poll Worker

The Board is always looking for community minded individuals to work Election Day as paid Election Officials/Judges.

Requirement: You must be registered to vote in Hamilton County.
Hours: Monday night before Election Day, 7-7:30 pm Election Day, Tuesday, 6 am-about 8:30 pm
Pay: Monday night pre-election-$15 Tuesday, Election Day - $95 Presiding Judge additional $20 Training class when applicable - $45

If you have any questions about being a Poll Worker contact: 513-632-7042 or e-mail

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