Job Posting | 2022 Judicial Coordinated Campaign Manager

2022 Judicial Coordinated Campaign Manager Roles and Responsibilities

The Hamilton County Democratic Party is seeking a campaign manager for the 2022 Judicial Coordinated Campaign. Details include:

  • Create a campaign plan incorporating messaging and all of the following items, timeline and deadlines for deliverables. Include details of what the Campaign Manager will need from individual campaigns and HCDP to ensure all parties are aware of their roles, responsibilities and what is needed from each individual campaign for the coordinated effort to be successful. 


  • Oversee fundraising of Judicial County Coordinated activities.
    • Create a fundraising plan and goal with a corresponding budget.
    • Set up meetings for party leadership and/or candidates with donors to meet coordinated fundraising goals.
    • Arrange all materials necessary for fundraising prospects.
    • Provide administrative support for fundraising meetings.
    • Track, record, and provide weekly updates on fundraising progress. 
    • Plan and lead any fundraising events for the coordinated.
      • Coordinate invitations, send letters, track RSVPs and contributions, and provide other support as needed.
    • Handle all administrative details associated with events,  including logistics and follow up thank-yous. 
    • Work in coordination with HCDP to manage budget, send out regular budget reports, and track  progress to goal. 
    • Work in coordination with HCDP to ensure all Campaign Finance laws and reporting is complied with and followed.


  • Manage voter contact/voter outreach programs.
    • Develop a field program for judicial candidates. 
    • Lead canvasses, coordinate phone banks, texting campaigns, oversee and develop other tools in an ever-changing election cycle to reach voters. 
    • Manage all volunteer recruitment and placement for these efforts, including working with individual campaigns. 
    • Use digital tools, such as Reach, Mobilize, etc. that the coordinated and campaigns can use to reach out to voters.
    • Provide weekly reports on metrics, tools, and candidate involvement as tasked. 
      • Metrics will include voter contacts, voter attempts, support scores, volunteer shifts, and volunteer recruitment goals.
      • Tools will include apps to assist with virtual voter contact  and voter outreach programs as needed. 


  •  Execute paid voter contact program. 
    • Assist with development of assets as per the coordinated  budget.
    • When requested, prepare weekly reports on all assets (mail,  digital, etc) that include but are not limited to: number of pieces dropped, number of impressions made, and number of voters reached.
    • When requested, provide updates to judicial coordinated and candidates on other paid voter contact happening in the county. 


  • Additional Duties/Responsibilities. 
    • Assist in crafting and executing a GOTV plan that fits the November General Election 
    • Weekly check-in calls with Coordinated Campaign candidates or their representatives. Calls will focus on updates around fundraising, organizing, political updates, upcoming events, and other information.
    • When requested, prepare a report for all candidates summarizing  fundraising, organizing, upcoming events, and other information. 
    • Be available to work with individual campaigns on issues applicable to individual campaigns (e.g., volunteer recruitment,  relational tools, etc.) 


  • Provide training, volunteer recruitment, and scheduling support to individual campaigns. 
    • Provide trainings on apps (Mobilize, VAN, etc.) to campaigns. 
    • Provide social media and relational outreach (voter contact and fundraising) trainings to candidates.
    • Ask for feedback on other trainings that would be helpful to  candidates.  


Required Skills/Experience:

  • Minimum experience of two campaign cycles
  • Experience with fundraising, campaign budgets
  • Management or leadership experience desired
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines
  • Great organizational and communications skills
  • Ability to execute strategic goals and work effectively with political stakeholders, labor leaders, elected, constituency group leaders and others

If interested please send your resume to by Wednesday, March 23 at 5:00pm.

Please note that this document is not comprehensive of all duties that will be needed across the 2022 election cycle, and other duties will be assigned and communicated with appropriate notice over the term of this contract.