Chairwoman Gwen McFarlin Denounces Dark Money in OH-24 Primary

For Immediate Release: It has come to my attention that a conservative organization funded by out-of-state dark money has decided to meddle in our Democratic Primaries here in Hamilton County. The group, Ohioans for Parental Choice, has paid for mail and television ads in support of Dale Mallory, one of the candidates running in our Democratic Primary for State Representative in District 24, after Mr. Mallory completed a candidate survey. This group does not represent the values, will, or families of Hamilton County, and is funded in 2022 by a single well-known conservative donor from Arkansas.

This dark money has no place in Hamilton County and has no place in our Democratic Primary, where we are choosing the right candidates to represent our shared Democratic values in a November general election and beyond in the Ohio legislature.

The values of this organization are not Democratic values. As such, I call on Democratic candidate Dale Mallory, the beneficiary of this funding, to follow his Democratic values and do the following:

1. Immediately denounce Ohioans for Parental Choice and demand that they cease their activities in Hamilton County in support of his campaign;

2. Clarify his position on school choice and the funding of public school systems in Hamilton County;

3. Apologize to our families, children, and voters for bringing out-of-state dark money into Hamilton County
While our Executive Committee decided that ‘no endorsement’ in the OH-24 race was best for party unity, the Hamilton County Democratic Party will not sit back and let conservative dark money unduly influence this Primary election.