HCDP Party Organization


Our Leadership Committee is chosen and voted upon by the Central Committee. We are led by a chair, a 1st Executive Vice Chair, four other Vice-Chairs, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Vice Chairs are responsible for leading committees via appointment by the Chair. They meet once a month and set the agenda for Executive Committee meetings.

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is composed of Leadership, Ward Chairs (elected by the Precinct Executives in their Ward), Elected Officials and other members appointed by the Chair. They meet on the Saturday of every odd-numbered month, issue HCDP official endorsements, and are asked to serve on committees when applicable.

Central Committee

Our Central Committee is comprised of all officers, ward chairs and precinct executives. Central Committee Members are tasked with organizing Democrats in their precinct and serving as their voice in the larger committees. They help to support endorsed Democratic candidates during election cycles and beyond, can serve on committees in the party, and determine the leadership of the organization. The Central Committee also holds other responsibilities such as appointing county-wide positions when vacated by Democratic office-holders.

Cincinnati Democratic Committee

The Cincinnati Democratic Committee is comprised of all of the Precinct Executives within the proper limits of the City of Cincinnati. This committee works to endorse and provide support in City of Cincinnati elections.

Precinct Executive

At the very grassroots level of our Party are the Precinct Executives. They are to act as a surrogate and advocate for the Party in their own Precincts. They are elected in the Democratic Primary every other year or otherwise appointed by the Executive Committee.

Party Constitution and Bylaws