Reproductive Rights Ballot Initiative

HCDP signature efforts - great job!

WE ARE CERTIFIED! 🎉  On Tuesday July 25, the Ohio Secretary of State certified our petitions, and with a historic 495,938 signatures from across Ohio–you will see abortion rights on the ballot in the November election.

This could not have happened without our dedicated volunteers. While we celebrate this amazing victory, we know this is just another step along the way to ensure our rights. We will keep fighting until abortion rights are enshrined in Ohio’s constitution.

Ohio Democrats collected more than 116,000 signatures to get abortion rights on the ballot. Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters released the following statement:

“Today was an important victory for Ohio women, and Ohio Democrats were proud to play our part. Out-of-touch politicians are relentlessly attacking women’s fundamental rights, inserting themselves into women’s personal, medical decisions and laying the groundwork for a total abortion ban in Ohio. In the days and weeks ahead, we look forward to telling these corrupt politicians: we won’t go back,” said Chair Walters.

Our current focus: vote no! August 8

Canvass for Vote No in August!

Call the office or stop by to pick up a walk list and campaign literature explaining the new ID requirements as well as the reasons to vote NO on August 8.

Early voting at Norwood BOE starts July 11, and you can turn in a vote by mail if you will be unable to vote in person on August 8.

Keep up the great work! Get out the NO! vote for the August 8 special election.

Get out the message: Vote NO in August and Yes in November. 

HCDP Headquarters:
6109 Webbland, Pleasant Ridge, OH, 45213. 

Questions? Please call the HCDP office at (513) 421-0495


Join the Ohio team efforts

For the most up-to-date information, join the Ohio distributed team on Slack. This connects volunteers throughout the state to the ODP coordinated efforts and personnel.

Contact HCDP using this form. (If you have trouble with the form, email us at

find an event near you

Check out for an event in your area. Note that there are many groups working hard to get out the vote in August, and again in November.

leading the effort and answering the call

HCDP led the charge to gather signatures for Hamilton County with a pledged goal of 5,000 signatures. With our wonderful volunteer help, we far exceeded that goal in excess of 200%! We couldn’t ask for better volunteers! 

After an initial pledge to gather 100,000 signatures, the Ohio Democratic Party gathered more than 116,000 signatures toward the overall signature effort.

Greg Fritz is a long-time super volunteer at the HCDP offices. Greg is coordinating our efforts on the initiative for Hamilton County. To reach Greg or our team with specific questions, please email.

What's at stake

#Protect Choice Ohio: Thousands of physicians, medical professionals, business and community leaders, and other non-partisan advocates are coming together to protect reproductive rights in the Ohio Constitution.

Throughout 2023, the ODP is going all out to pass this initiative, which codifies reproductive freedom in the Ohio Constitution.