This afternoon, Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune announced that he will not be seeking reelection in 2020 as his cancer has tragically returned.

Todd Portune is the epitome of good government in action. Greater Cincinnati is a far better place to live and work because Todd Portune has worked to make it so. 

From leading enormous projects like The Banks development to helping individual homeowners with a flooded basement, Todd has worked tirelessly on every problem and opportunity he has faced as a Hamilton County commissioner and Cincinnati city council member.

Just as importantly, Todd treats friends and opponents alike with dignity and respect, relishing the chance to talk an opponent into seeing things his way. 

And there is no better role model for perseverance than Todd, who battled through serious health issues for decades with grace and stoicism.  

Todd has stayed true to his values as a Democrat while working across party lines to get things done. He has earned the respect of people across the spectrum — the business community, educators, people of color and especially advocates for the disabled. 

We are so grateful for his continuing service, and we pray for healing and strength. Thank you, Commissioner.