The Cincinnati Democratic Committee has endorsed the following candidates:

Cincinnati City Council

Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney

Councilmember Reggie Harris

Councilmember Meeka Owens

Councilmember Victoria Parks

Councilmember Scotty Johnson

Councilmember Jeff Cramerding

Councilmember Mark Jeffreys

Councilmember Seth Walsh

Anna Albi

Cincinnati School Board
School Board President Ben Lindy

School Board Member Eve Bolton

Kendra Mapp

Other Endorsements

The party has already endorsed judicial candidates in four municipal court districts. These candidates are Judge Janaya Trotter Bratton for district 1, Judge Donte Johnson for district 2, Judge William Mallory for district 3, and Samantha Silverstein for district 4.

Finally, the party is supporting the Vote No campaign for the August 8 special election. We encourage all democrats to vote no in August, and vote the full slate in November!