September 18, 2021 – The Hamilton County Democratic Party voted to endorse the Children’s Services levy, Issue 1 and the Great Parks of Hamilton County levy, Issue 29.

The Executive Committee voted to endorse the Children Services levy which provides a critical safety net. Far too many children in our county suffer from abuse and neglect, and the Children’s Services levy helps ensure their safety and well-being. This important issue keeps children safe at home or safe with relatives, in foster-care and adoption without raising taxes. 

Great Parks of Hamilton County’s levy was also endorsed. Great Parks preserves and protects natural resources and provides outdoor recreation and education for us and for future generations. Great Parks manages 21 parks and nature preserves spanning 17,700 acres across the county.

Vote YES on Issue 1 and 29. For more information:

Children’s Services levy, Issue 1:

Great Parks of Hamilton County levy, Issue 29: