Hamilton County Municipal Court – D2

Judge Alan Triggs was elected to the Court of Common Pleas on 11/3/20.  As a result we will have a vacancy in the Hamilton County Municipal Court.

We are seeking qualified candidates to run for this spot in November 2021 in Municipal Court District 2.  We have a short turn-around time as the petitions for this judicial position must be submitted to the Hamilton County Board of Elections by 2/22/2021 before 4:00 PM.  

The petitions can only be picked up at the Hamilton County Board of Elections and not on the Secretary of State’s petition form 3-1.  The filing fee is $80.00.  Signature requirement is a minimum of 100 valid signatures – but candidates can submit no more than 300 – and must consist of registered voters who only live in district 2. The judicial election will occur on 11/2/2021.

Municipal District 2 includes the areas as shown in the attachment included in this email.  Time is of essence. As you can see this is a strong democratic district and we will not give this district to the Republican Party on 11/2/2021.

I am certain that by now the Republican Party is preparing to submit their candidates to Governor DeWine to be appointed to this seat.  By Ohio law, DeWine has the authority to fill this judicial vacancy.

Our judicial committee is preparing to schedule meetings to interview candidates interested in seeking the Hamilton County Party Democratic endorsement. All qualified candidates interested in the endorsement must email HCDP Executive Director Eddie Davenport for application materials at: eddie@hamiltoncountydems.org or call 513-421-0495.  Candidate’s information will be forwarded to our judicial chairs.  Because of this critical time period interested candidates must contact us no later 1/29/2021.



Gwen McFarlin


Hamilton County Democratic Party