Members of Hamilton County Democratic Party,


There will be no Executive Committee Meeting on this upcoming Saturday. There is currently to meeting scheduled to occur beyond this weekend – notification of the next meeting will come once the Primary results are finalized and the Party’s next organizational meeting occurs. With no finality the current election, HCDP will be unable to schedule its organizational meeting with our Central Committee as well. We will provide more information to our new Central Committee members once this election is finished and certified.


We have received many messages regarding the status of the Primary election and what is happening next. While much is still up in the air and there is no finality to what is going to happen, the Ohio Democratic Party took legal action on Tuesday to ensure that a primary will still occur and voters who didn’t vote prior to 3/17/2020 will have a chance to cast a ballot. While Secretary of State Frank LaRose is still pushing a potential June 2nd Election Day date out to the public, there are still legal actions happening that push for other outcomes. This situation has not yet resolved itself and we cannot speak with certainty about how the election will proceed from here.


The Ohio Democratic Party, in its suit, is asking for the election to proceed mainly by vote-by-mail ballots and wrap up on April 23rd. This gives every Ohioan the chance to request and cast a ballot in the 2020 Primary Election while protecting the health of high-risk populations and limiting any potential spread of COVID-19 that may occur.


Learn more about ODP’s actions in the statement that they released below, or by following their Twitter thread about this matter here. Below, please also find a statement from HCDP Chairwoman Gwen McFarlin. We will provide more information as it becomes final and available.


We urge all members to follow the guidelines being set forward by Gov. DeWine, Commissioner Driehaus, Mayor Cranley, and public health organizations to ensure not only their health and safety, but that of the community at large.


Take care and be well,


-HCDP Leadership







Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper is be commended for his quick response to this matter, filing a legal writ with the Ohio Supreme Court to ensure our right to vote, and that of hundreds of thousands of others across the state of Ohio, will not be jeopardized.


Just a reminder to our Central Committee members — until the ligation is completed, we are unable to schedule our organizational meeting as well.  I am asking you to call your elected Ohio Statehouse legislators and urge them to support a primary election that ends prior to June 2, and is run mainly by vote-by-mail ballots. This will ensure a timely conclusion to this suspended election while ensuring the safety of all those individuals involved.


Gwen McFarlin


Hamilton County Democratic Party




COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today filed a writ of prohibition with the Ohio Supreme Court to ensure the primary election will take place and protect Ohioans’ right to vote, after polling places were barred from opening by the state Department of Health.

“This primary election must move forward,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Earlier today we said that we would litigate to defend voters’ right to fully participate in the state’s Democratic primary election, and in the absence of action by the General Assembly and with other actors moving to shut down the primary, we have filed with the Ohio Supreme Court to ensure that all eligible Ohio voters are able to exercise their right to vote in this primary.

“Yesterday’s actions did not create unchecked authority with the governor or secretary of state to run a new election. So authority for a new election must come from the legislature or from a court. Today’s action seeks that court order, preserving the primary while also proposing a more workable window for the election to take place, along with multiple opportunities and a reasonable amount of time for voters to vote.

“We hope the court, governor, secretary of state, legislative leaders and other parties see the necessity of this order to preserve the right to vote and complete a fair and timely election in Ohio.”

Click here to view the Ohio Democratic Party’s complaint in original action for writ of prohibition.